How to set up, send and receive money via whatsApp

We are all but those who are using Android mobile. Everyone has an app called WhatsApp on their mobile and through this app we can talk to someone else through message bar call. But a new feature is brought by WhatsApp. With WhatsApp pay you can now send money. you can just send money whenever you need with WhatsApp.

We often have to send money to our friends or relatives but everyone has WhatsApp. But not everyone has all the other apps that are used to send money. We’ve all seen that when you send a photo or text to someone else on WhatsApp. it reaches someone else in seconds, just like you can now send money to someone else’s bank in one second.

Settings to send money through WhatsApp pay

Turning on WhatsApp pay settings is very easy. You can turn on your WhatsApp payment option in one minute.

We all know that WhatsApp has just launched this feature so maybe this option has not come to everyone yet but if you come to the app and you can send money to everyone. After launching this feature, he gave it to the beta program, but then it will come slowly to everyone.

How do you use WhatsApp UPI and I will tell you which setting you need to turn on after any time.

1. First of all, open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone

2. After opening WhatsApp, click on the three dot in the top right corner, then click on the (Payments) option. see many options.

3. In it you will see an option Ad Payment Methods you will click on it.

4.Then you will give your bank account number there. Of course, after giving the number, you have to match it properly. If it goes wrong later but you will have a lot of trouble

5. After adding the bank account, an OTP will be entered in your mobile number, but you have to enter it properly. No and you can’t send money through WhatsApp.

6.Then your bank account number and bank ad will be added shortly. Then give your UPI. And if you are using UPI for the first time then you have to enter there with a four digit PIN.

If you do all of the above correctly, then your WhatsApp pay will be launched in a few moments. After going there, after giving how much money you will send, if you click on send, your money will go to your friend.

And if you can understand it, even if you don’t understand it well, there is no reason to be afraid. You can watch the video on YouTube. There are many videos uploaded on YouTube about this.

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