What is caller tune ?

Three to four years ago, many of you used to use keypad mobile.  But at present, the demand for screen touch mobile means smartphone in three to one year but it has increased a lot more than before. Everyone is buying and using new smartphones.  But many of them use Jio SIM or Airtel, Idea … Read more

How to get rid of frustration? – 6 Best Ways in 2022

How to get rid of frustration

There is a brief feeling of disappointment. Using the methods on you may take action to take care of disappointment. No need to say, once in a brand new reference to a brand new way, we are experts in this sense once. Using meditation, you can potentially change the extra consciousness in the earlier feelings … Read more

How to set up, send and receive money via whatsApp

We are all but those who are using Android mobile. Everyone has an app called WhatsApp on their mobile and through this app we can talk to someone else through message bar call. But a new feature is brought by WhatsApp. With WhatsApp pay you can now send money. you can just send money whenever … Read more